Grzegorz Jakub Abramczyk


I am IT enthusiast and I'm looking for opportunities to apply my passion to a maximum effect.I work with well others, sometimes leading, sometimes following, teaching and learning at the same time.I look for challenges, chances to overcome difficult problems and to make impact. I adapt quickly and pride myself on the ability to get work done.

My primary area of expertise is Java and JEE, but I am also proficient web technologies and solution design, familiar with database development, requirement gathering and testing. I have some experience in leading technical teams and I am looking for a chance to enhance my leadership skills. I am mastering JavaScript development and learning Cloud technologies. I worked on many projects building custom solutions for various clients and collaborated with international and distributed teams.


IT Architect

2017-10 Tuatara
I'm designing and implementing solutions for Tuatara clients.

Senior Software Engineer

2017-05 2017-10 F5 Networks
Java developer, docker expert, DevOps implementer from the Dev side.

IT Specialist

2009-07 2017-04 IBM Polska Sp. z o.o.
I'm working in IBM GBS building custom solutions for clients. Leading development teams, setting technical direction, planing and managing work, designing and developing solutions.

Junior Developer (Paid Intern)

2007-09 2009-06 IBM Polska Sp. z o.o.
I joined IBM GBS during studies and worked as a developer in teams building custom solutions for multiple clients.


Alior - API Connect Support

2018-05 Alior Bank

Support and small scale development after delivery of API Connect implementation

I provide advice and support to the client's team developing the API.

BNP Unica

2021-01 BNP

Implementation of adapter connecting Unica to internal bank systems

I designed and in process of implementing adapter connecting Unica Oracle database with Kafka using Spring Boot and Spring Integration.

Omantel DataLab

2023-02 Omantel

Migration of DataScience workloads to new environment based on OpenShift

I defined  and documented architecture of the OpenShift based environment. I proposed tools and methods of automated configuration of components using Kustomize. I configured several components including Apache Zeppelin, Jupyter Hub, Jupyter Lab, MinIO, Apache Hive.

Sift Earth Prototype

2022-11 2023-05 Internal

Technical prototyping for development of internal product

I investigated several standards and OpenSource products. I tested and combined several of them into multiple iterations of prototypes.


2023-01 2023-04 Saudi Investment Bank

Implementation of IBM CP4I, setup of delivery pipeline and migration of several workflows.

I defined and implemented CI/CD pipeline for IBM App Connect and IBM API Connect using OpenShift Pipelines (Tekton). I created up fully automated setup for multiple environments using Kustomize and  OpenShift Pipelines . I extended Kustomize to significantly simplify configuration and to automate change propagation in cases where it was not supported out of the box.

Alior - API Connect Migration

2022-02 2023-02 Alior Bank

Migration of API Connect based solution to new version

I supported migration of both API and environment

Tuatara Finance Platform

2021-02 2022-09 Internal

Demo, MVP and initial release of SaaS product

I provided technical direction for the MVP implementation of Tuatara SaaS product. I handled architecture and infrastructure aspects and supported developers with advice and code reviews.

Digi Car

2019-02 2022-02 Santander Consumer Multirent

Automation of leasing and credit business processes.

I supported the project by developing tools.  One for migrating existing documents after schema change. Another for comparing subsequent versions of business process definitions developed in IBM BPM.

BNP AI Runtime

2021-03 2021-12 BNP

Maintenance and improvement of already implemented JupyterHub and implementation of Kubeflow

I took over the project from departing colleague and continued to support client in implementation of JupyterHub and Kubeflow on OpenShift.


2020-09 2021-03 Severinus Project Service UG

Implementation of student job broker website

I designed and led implementation of the back-end services of the portal. I supported development of the web and mobile interface. I established build and deployment automation for the project. I set up and automated production deployment on Azure cloud.

Tuatara Finance Platform Prototype

2020-05 2020-09 Internal

Technical prototyping for development of internal product

I investigated several subjects in anticipation of development of Tuatara Financial Platform. I prepared proof of concept of Spring Cloud Gateway abase API Gateway, KeyCloak security configuration, Apollo Server based API and federation, based document repository, ELK stack based document persistence and search. I prepared automated build and deployment pipeline using OpenShift and Jenkins.


2019-03 2020-01 Internal

Implementation of reusable solution for consuming PSD2 interfaces.

I designed and developed Fintin prototype. I was working on design and leading the implementation of initial release of the product.


2018-11 2019-03 Omantel

Implementation of new mobile application and support of existing solutions.

I implemented requested enhancements and fixed pending issues in e-commerce store. I configured Varinsh Cache for integration services. I defined source control flows, implemented static code analysis and code review process. I defined and updated automated builds for several components.

Raiffeisen - API Connect

2018-05 2018-11 Raiffeisen Bank

Implementation of IBM API Connect product and creation of PSD2 related APIs. The project was cancelled due to the client being acquired.

I was helping the client to implement IBM API Connect in support of PSD2 directive. I was working on functional architecture and establishing API delivery processes and tools. I implemented automated build and tests along with several mock applications and APIs.

Alior - API Connect

2017-10 2018-04 Alior Bank

Implementation of IBM API Connect product and creation of PSD2 related API.

I documented and helped to define solution architecture. I designed and implemented approach to API security. I defined standards and lead implementation of PSD2 APIs. I devised and implemented framework to test API Connect APIs. I prepared development documentation and delivered training to the client's team.


2017-09 2017-10  

Building next generation cloud-native ADC.

I educated my team about container technologies, set up demonstration OpenShift cluster and helped to set up DevOps delivery pipeline.

TMOS Independence

2017-05 2017-08  

Refactoring of internals of REST platform and modernization of delivery pipeline.

I replaced home-brew socket layer with Apache HttpClient and improved build system to use Artifactory and Ivy to mange third party dependencies.


2016-07 2017-04 Public Employment Service Austria (AMS)

Migration legacy document management system to IBM FileNet

I implemented part of the document migration process.

ibank v2

2016-04 2016-06 USB BANK PLC.

Rewrite of the Internet banking application to make use of modern technologies.

I implemented several functional areas across all application layers.


2015-12 2016-04 Metlife

Implementation of the integration bus connecting single front-end system to back-ends across central Europe.

I implemented front-end adapter and country-routing logic. I set up CI server for the development team and prepared automatic integration tests.


2013-01 2015-09 Centrum Systemów Informacyjnych Ochrony Zdrowia

Implementation of Document Verification System as a part of establishing nation wide medical document processing and automation system

I designed internal logic of Document Verification System. I organized and lead development team through successful delivery of several phases of project. I managed communication with our client on technical level and represented our system in integration discussion.

Green eMotion

2012-05 2015-03 European Commission

Implementation of service marketplace prototype allowing project partners across Europe to integrate their IT systems around electro-mobility. Implementation of additional prototype applications in the area of  the electro-mobility.

I contributed to the marketplace design by preparing detailed gap analysis between requirements and WebSphere Commerce package. I remodeled WebSphere Commerce commerce storefront to match Green eMotion theme. I implemented required changes in registration, checkout and account management flows. I implemented service gateway based on IBM BPM. I supported release of the marketplace prototype and eventually took over cloud infrastructure management. I designed and developed significant portion of Driver Portal prototype application and lead development of Network Operator Portal prototype application. I worked in distributed team with coworkers across the globe.


2013-07 2014-04 Ministry of Finance

Development of central meta-data management system for tax administration

I designed application part of the solution and helped to design database part. I formed and lead development team, provided guaidance, technical direction and solved technical problems with performance.

eSHOP Logowanie

2012-10 2013-01 Polkomtel S.A

Elimination of login requirement in checkout flow in WebSphere Commerce based store.

I developed, tested and packaged required changes. I supported functional tests and production deployment. I diagnosed performance problem.


2011-09 2012-03 MSWiA

Development of the core parts of central registry system for polish government

I implemented several major features, for the core registries and identity synchronization. I performed wide refactoring of code base, prepared automatic functional and performance tests and documented significant part of the system.


2011-09 2011-12 PZU S.A

Implementation of FileNet for an insurance company

I integrated Oracle BI Publisher into the solution and to prepared templates for document printing.

eSHOP 2 maintenance

2010-11 2011-08 Polkomtel S.A

WebSphere Commerce Entrprise V6 based store maintenance

I investigated and fixed production issues. I performed migration of source code from CSV to RTC.

Zgoda A534

2011-03 2011-08 ITI

Implementation of enterprise wide customer consents gathering in WebSphere Commerce based store.

I gathered requirements, prepared and confirmed design with client and lead implementation of required changes.

eSHOP 2 R1

2011-01 2011-07 Polkomtel S.A

Improvement of WebSphere Commerce Enterprise V6 based store for major mobile operator

I implemented several significant features from design, throughout coding to testing and supporting release.


2010-09 2010-11 MSWiA

Implementation of system of government registers.

I performed major refactoring of code-base, maintained sat of business rules in ILOG JRules and prepared some utility model to model transformations in Rational Software Architect.

Blue Vanilla

2010-07 2010-08 ITI

Implementation of new version Siebel CRM and Websphere ESB for digital television operator.

I tested the database migration and written scripts to automate this task.

ESHOP phase 2

2009-04 2010-07 Polkomtel S.A

Improvement of WebSphere Commerce Enterprise V6 based store for major mobile operator

I prepared draft of some Use Cases, participated in requirement meetings and updated design documentation. I implemented checkout flow, order status engine and administrative console enhancements. I supported tests and release of solution. 


2009-12 2010-01 MSWiA

Modernization of Polish citizens database

I implemented BIRT reporting engine for document generation.


2009-04 2009-10 Postal Service

Troubleshooting and support of sorting facility simulator.

I was tasked with helping the Siman V expert with code analysis and fixing bugs.

BRE Valuta Direct

2008-07 2009-07 BRE Bank

Implementation of currency trading solution based on Valuta-Direct® and integration with existing infrastructure.

I implemented of two data migration and synchronization modules from design, through development, to testing and documenting them.

ESHOP maintenance

2008-07 2008-12 Polkomtel S.A

WebSphere Commerce Enterprise V6 based store maintenance

I investigated and fixed production issues.


2007-09 2008-06 Polkomtel S.A

Implementation of WebSphere Commerce Enterprise V6 for major mobile operator.

I did front-end development, both for client facing and administrative pages. I did functional and automatic performance tests.


  • MSc, Computer Science Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, Warsaw University of Technology


2009-09 Architectural Thinking SIMT2G
2009-09 Foundation Consulting Programme GBS2427
2010-12 IBM WebSphere Application Server V7 Administration on Windows WA370G
2011-10 Project Management Fundamentals PM10G
2014-07 IBM Unified Method Framework for TI Professionals Workshop TIWSBX
2016-11 Technical Leader in You TLYG0001


2011-07 IBM Certified System Administrator - WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V7.0 IBM Professional Certification Program
2012-09 Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer Oracle Certification Program
2012-12 Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 7 Programmer Oracle Certification Program
2013-10 Actualizing IT Solutions Capability - Experience Level/L1 IT Specialist Professions
2016-01 Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer Oracle Certification Program
2016-03 Actualizing IT Solutions Capability - Expert Level (Level 2 Certification) IT Specialist Professions
2016-04 IBM Certified Developer - WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools V8.5 with Liberty Profile IBM Professional Certification Program
2016-06 IBM Certified System Administrator - WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8.5.5 and Liberty Profile IBM Professional Certification Program
2016-08 IBM Certified Application Developer - Cloud Platform V1 IBM Professional Certification Program
2016-10 IBM Certified Solution Advisor - Cloud Reference Architecture V5 IBM Professional Certification Program
2017-02 IBM Certified Solutions Specialist - Rational Team Concert V6 IBM Professional Certification Program
2017-04 IBM Certified Solution Advisor - DevOps V1 IBM Professional Certification Program
2017-04 IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer - Cloud Platform V1 IBM Professional Certification Program
2018-03 IBM Certified Solution Implementer - API Connect V5.0.5 IBM Professional Certification Program
2019-03 IBM Certified Solution Implementer - DataPower Gateway v7 IBM Professional Certification Program
2020-03 TOGAF® 9 Certified The Open Group


English Fluent
Polish Native